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Christian Lacroix
"Belle Rives" The brief set by Christian Lacroix was to design a collection of furnishing fabrics, wallpapers and accessories. 
The story is of a panoramic voyage of some of the best known homes, personalities and films throughout the history of the French Riviera with references to past collections of Haute couture to give the ultimate Lacroix twist. From the eccentricities of a leopard skin cut velvet to a printed palm forest, as well as a dramatic, digitally printed recreation of the jewels stolen in the famous 50s Hitchcock heist 'to catch a thief'.
This collection of interior fabrics and wallpapers was designed for Christian Lacroix and is edited by Designers Guild. 
Fabric and Wallpaper designs
Fabric and Wallpaper designs
Colour stories 1 and 2
Colour stories 3 and 4

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